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We can help you choose a destination and craft an itinerary that will satisfy the educational elements, be fun for the students and be a huge hit…

Not to mention a “Masterpiece”

In today’s world of crowded school calendars, mandatory testing, School District policies regarding eligibility for extracurricular activities, as well as economic pressure affecting individual students’ ability to participate, a recent student travel trend is a trip which does not include a performance.

Many School Districts are now approving group travel which includes an educational alternative to a performance, such as:

  • Meet the Artist Programs
  • Lectures by Composers or other Professionals
  • Private Recitals
  • Theatre and Concerts

Benefits of a Non-Performing Trip

Cost The most important benefit is cost.  With airlines now charging for checked baggage it is very costly to take band equiment and/or uniforms on a trip.  Baggage fees add $5,000 to $10,000 (or more) to the total cost of a typical band trip.
More Dates The dates you can travel are greatly expanded.  Instead of being forced to go when a specific event takes place, you can pick a date that works for your school and your group.  With most school calendars jam-packed with events, test dates, etc., more dates can be very helpful.
Eligibility A trip scheduled without the school calendar as the main driver can overcome many problems associated with eligibility and District policy concerning student absences, make-up work, etc.
New Experiences Another welcome benefit is simply the experience of doing something new.  The students have performed many times, but they may have never been to a Theatre Production or to a Symphony Concert.  The educational value is intact, and the experience of traveling with peers remains.  It is still an educational experience, which is why many Districts are approving this type of travel.

“We opted for a Spring Break trip to avoid conflicts with other activities.  It was great and nobody missed hauling our equipment around and playing a concert, something we do every day.” – Band Director

“Each year we see more and more groups choose a destination they want to go to and a date that they want to go and then plan the trip they want, whether or not there is a competition or an event.  The kids get a trip, the administration gets an educational experience, and everyone is happy.” – Paul Davis